Labradoodle puppies in Orange County/Los Angeles/ SoCal


Waiting list

We currently do not have any puppies available at this time, but may be expecting a litter at the end of September. Should have some confirmation in a few weeks. Waiting list for this potential litter has started and space is limited. 


Prices do vary litter to litter. There are varying factors that determine prices on each litter. Typically our prices will be between $1600-2000


Deposits are not taken until pups are born. Deposit is $300 to hold puppy until pick up. We do have a contract we send out  once a pup has been chosen which goes over the whole guarantee and adoption agreement. 

We update the pups photos once a week, typically on the day of the week they were born. I do my best to keep to that day, unless something comes up, then they might be delayed by a day.  Photo day can be extremely time consuming, if you can imagine. One litter typically can take between 4-6 hours to do photos, so typically they get uploaded by late afternoon to early evening. 

Choosing Your Puppy/Adoption Process

We take great pride in the health of our pups. Because puppies have limited immune systems and require many rounds of vaccines until 16 weeks of age before they are considered fully immune, we take extra precautions to ensure the health of our little ones while in our care. Disease and viruses can easily be tracked and transferred through contact with clothing, shoes, jewelry,  etc. To prevent any risk to our pups, we do not show any pups in person before 8 weeks of age. Pups before this age are chosen by pictures posted on our website and social media pages and any videos requested. I do my best to accommodate when trying to choose your new family addition. If more photos or videos are needed to make your decision, please feel free to ask,

 Any pups still available after 8 weeks of age, we will begin to show, but we do ask,  to respect our disease prevention protocol. If you have been to any other breeders, rescue/adoption facilities in the last 30 days, please do not come here. We do not want to chance any exposure from other facilities to our pups.  Pups will be set up in a pen for viewing, but we ask they not be picked up or held during visit. they can be pet once hands have been washed. 

 If we still have pups present that are reserved, we may wait to show any weaned pups in person until reserved pups have gone home to prevent any cross contamination. We have to be mindful of the families we are caring for their pups until they go home.

what pups come with

Once you have selected a puppy, I will email you a contract that goes over the details of the guarantee and adoption agreement. All of our pups come with one year fatal genetic health guarantee, CKC  registration, age appropriate vaccines, 2 rounds of wormer, one year fatal genetic health guarantee (which is on our contract) and a small take home bag with some goodies to help with acclimation in their new homes including a blanket with mom and siblings scent.  I also email a brief care sheet that goes over important basics of bringing your new puppy home which will have most of the answers to questions you may have about your new pup. I do ask everyone to please read the care sheet before bringing their puppy home. 

Waiting List


2019 waiting list has been started

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 waiting have been started and are still accepting names at this time. If you would like more info or like to be added to the list, feel free to email us! PLEASE BE ADVISED  that we are in the process of changing the way we do our waiting lists. We have been breeding for over 20 years and have never required deposits for waiting lists ever. Unfortunately over the past year it has become increasingly obvious it is time to do our waiting lists as other breeders do and  we DO need to start taking deposits for the waiting list.  Typically we take serious parties names to be placed on our waiting lists for pups and when the list fills we no longer take names.  Lately too many have not returned messages or back out when pups arrive after I have already turned people away prior.. Until we get a contract in place for the waiting list, we will continue to take names as usual, but I will let everyone know, anyone who has been on a previous list and has backed out once pups have been born, I will not place you back on a waiting list for priority until our deposit contract is complete. Thank you for your understanding. 



As a reminder, all our labradoodles are STANDARD SIZE.. We do not raise mini's. Our pups will range about 50-80 pounds as adults. 

All current pups are now In their new homes. We have started a waiting list for our next possible litter due in the fall!! If you would be interested in being added to the list please contact us! Space is limited!!

labradoodle puppies for sale in Southern California
labradoodles in Southern California

Don't forget to check out our facebook page!!


We have several videos posted of the current litters so be sure to check them out!! www.facebook.com/adventurouslabradoodles

You can also view all our past pups as see all the wonderful references we have as we keep in touch with many of the families who have adopted from us over the years. Many have gone as therapy and assistant family companions..

Please keep in mind, these few pups are our last remaining pups for a little while. We are not a kennel, and focus on one or two litters at a time, so we are not expecting anymore pups for the next few months.  We are not like the other large scale breeding facilities. These are our pets and are raised as such. NO KENNELS, . Just our few pet fur babies. All our pups are raised solely indoors with our family so they are used to children and house hold noises.


Jojo and Simon litter Due 9/23/2019

Jojo and Simon are expecting!

Labradoodle for sale in SoCal
Labadoodle puppies for sale

Pups are due 9/23/2019. Waiting list is in place. Space is limited!!  colors expected are all  parti colors in cream, brown, apricot, cafe and silver beige. No solids. We should have solids come November/December if you would like to be on the waiting list for solids.