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Labradoodle puppies in Orange County/Los Angeles/ SoCal

Meet The Parents

Standard size multigen labradoodle California for sale f1b f1bb

Simon- our cream parti  F1B standard labradoodle stud.  He has been dna health tested through DDC VET  and cleared.  He is standard size 70 pounds. 

labradoodle f1 f1b California multigen standard size

Jake-f1 blue standard labradoodle. He weighs 53 pounds. He is dna health tested DDC VET and cleared. 

labradoodle puppies in Orange County

Raini- Smaller standard size F2b caramel cream labradoodle. She weighs 45 pounds.  DNA health tested through embark and cleared.

labradoodles for sale
labradoodle puppies for sale
labradoodles for sale in California

Penny-Standard size F1b red curly coat labradoodle. Parents are health tested and cleared. Her health testing coming soon. Still a pup, but expected to be about 50 pounds.

standard size f1b standard size f1b f1bb multigen labradoodle puppy for sale southern California

Jojo- She is a brown parti pure bred  standard poodle. She weighs 55 pounds. She has been dna health tested through DDC VET and cleared. 


Luna- Standard size f1b blue merle labradoodle.  she is 70 pounds. She has been dna health tested through DDC VET and cleared. 

standard labradoodle puppies for sale in southern California

Stormi- Standard size f1b labradoodle. She weighs about 60 pounds. She is genetically a recessive red parti merle and carries several colors in her lines. She has been dna genetic tested through embark and optimal selection and cleared.