Labradoodle puppies in Orange County/Los Angeles/ SoCal

Labradoodle puppies in Orange County/Los Angeles/ SoCal

Located in North Orange County, 25 minutes North of Disneyland, 45 minutes from Down Town Los Angeles, in Southern California


Located in North Orange County, 25 minutes North of Disneyland, 45 minutes from Down Town Los Angeles, in Southern California

About Us

Labradoodle breeder located in Southern California labradoodles for sale in California

CKC Registered f1b, F1bb and Multigen labradoodles

We are a small hobby breeder that focuses on temperament and health. We first started raising labradoodles in 2010 when first introduced to the breed by a dear family friend who was raising them as well when we found out our son was allergic to dogs and could no longer raise boxers, which we raise for ten years prior to the labradoodles. This breed has been such a joy and just an amazing difference in behavior, obedience and intelligence. They are just truly an incredible breed. 

   All of our pups  are raised solely indoors with our family.  We keep in contact with many of the families who have adopted our labradoodles  which can be seen on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/adventurouslabradoodles

  We do not ship our pups, but have had many families travel from others states to adopt one of our pups. We currently have Adventurous Labradoodle offspring happily living in Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina to name a few, 

We only raise standard size labradoodles.  All of our labradoodles range between 50-80 pounds. 

labradoodle puppies for sale in Southern California. Labradoodles for sale in California

We offer many colors

we raise several colors including the following: White, chalk white, cream, apricot, caramel, café, silver beige, brown, phantom, parti, abstract, black, blue, silver, sable, and merle

labradoodle puppies for sale in California

Late Summer/Fall waiting list has been started. If you are not ready for one of our cuties just yet and will be looking in the near future, get on our waiting list now! Still accepting names. If you would like to be added to the summer list, please feel free to contact us for more information. 

Please refer to the “puppies available“ page for our adoption process and see what cuties are available. First come first serve for all pups listed as “available” on that page. To view all available pups, be sure to check out the “puppies available” page.  We update the pictures every week so it is ALWAYS current while we have puppies available. Pix posted on there will be the most up to date photos available of the puppies we currently have. Also don’t forget to check out our Facebook page!! As there are videos of the current pups posted there that we are unable to post here. 

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Adventurous Labradoodles